About Beth Houston

About Beth Houston

Beth Houston, MFA, has taught creative writing, literature, and composition at ten universities and colleges in California and Florida and has worked as a writer and editor. Her publications include poetry, fiction, and nonfiction books, and over two-hundred works in literary journals.

Beth’s provocative books on Deism challenge prescribed beliefs with new thoughts about God, religion, spirituality, science, politics, and creativity. Her most recent nonfiction book bundles two previous works, Born-Again Deist: My Journey Beyond Religion to the Plain Truth of God, and Natural God: Deism in the Age of Intelligent Design: A Deconstruction of Atheism and Religious Fundamentalism, and includes a new Preface. Blood Moon Burning is her new mystery/thriller and lesbian romance novel. In addition to years of writing and teaching, Beth worked for the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women and has been a police property-evidence custodian and a sheriff’s 9-1-1 dispatcher. Family members have been FBI agents and Assistant Inspector General.

Beth lives in Florida with her partner, a dance teacher and former NYC dancer, choreographer, and Rockette.